AOL Email is a free webmail provider that has been redesigned and its email service upgraded several times for maintenance to keep it ahead of other email service providers. To obtain a free AOL mail login, all you require is a computer with a web browser program and an internet connection.

The advantage of AOL mail login is that it can be accessed in all modern browsers, can serve as an AIM account to login to the AIM chat client since it has a 100% compatibility with Apple iChat and also to access other AOL services. Below are instructions and screenshots, arranged in a step by step pattern to guide you when setting up the account.

• Open a web browser program and go to the AOL home login

• It is not a guarantee that the page will appear as that in slide 1. However, you should simply locate the “mail” from the page and click on it.

• Once it is loaded, an AOL email sign in page opens (slide 2).Click on the “sign up for free account” link. An online sign up form pops up (slide 3). Alternatively, you can click on the “get free email” link at the bottom of the AOL home page and it leads you to the AOL mail sign in page directly.

aol mail login

• Sometimes, you may find someone’s AOL email account instead of the registration page. In such circumstances, you need to sign out first (the sign out link is located below the AOL logo) and then reload the page. In cases where the form still doesn’t show up, you should delete the cache and the passwords or just use a different browser program.

• On the form, enter your first name, middle initials (if any) and the last name in the appropriate fields.

• The next field requires you to enter a username for your prospective email address.My AOL mail account has my username. Yours too has to have your username. The format of the AOL email address is usually It’s only the username that you can choose. The other part is constant for all AOL email accounts.

• AOL has millions of subscribers. For you to use the email account, the username should not be similar to that of someone else. Reading on how to make usernames is recommended. On entering the preferred username, the AOL automatically checks if the username is being used by someone else. In case the AOL fails to carry out the searching automatically, click on the “check” button. The service can also offer you suggestions on the usernames to be used. Characters such as the underscore (_) and the sign (.) can be used. Finding of a username may take quite a while, but you should not get disheartened.

• Once you get anAOL login username that fits the bill, rejoice!

• The email account requires a password for security. I do not wish for other people to access my AOL email account, enter in to my AOL mail inbox and read my messages and other information, do you? Read on how to make strong passwords which are hard for other people to guess. As you type your password in the field (slide 9), the characters get replaced by dots and asterisks. The strength bar indicates the strength of your password.

• Enter the password once again in the next field for verification. Then hit the “next” button.You have thus created an AOL mail login.